Is there any higher level to which Poetry In Pictures #PIP can be taken????

Series Title: 8 LETTERS (Introduction)
It's time to add a face to the name. I have been operating online and offline without pictures for
the most part of my adolescence till now and there I have heard different theories attempting to
answer the question "why". I am about to release some pictures though, so enough speculations.
I planned on releasing a series of pictures last year, but it didn't work out for some reasons. It's
the same series of pictures I am releasing now, with a few improvements.
The series is titled 8 Letters as a representation of the word COMPLETE (MLEEPOCT =
It's complete because I am baring myself totally (almost literally). It might not be a very specific
exploration, but generally, you will be shown everything. My face was hidden for a while and it
might have caused a difficulty in communicating, trusting between myself and many. So I am
showing everything about me through the pictures.
It is a way for me to showcase different expressions of myself (or what I consider to be
expressions of myself).
I like to consider myself an open person, for the most part, and I strongly believe that openness
helps with effectiveness, limits limitations and makes a person stronger. I am giving openness
and hoping that in mutual respect, it will be reciprocated.
The pictures will be released one after the other, daily for eight days (there are just 7 pictures,
but 1 is bonus picture).
Script: Jerry Jallo
Photography, Directing, Editing: Lazham Gaina
Light Assistant: Joseph Jigs Gatis
External Help: Lumi (Lumite Photography)
Models: Jerry Jallo and Prince Ifeanyi
Hashtags: #BeingJallo #8Letters #300Empire #Kayvics
Picture Title: COGNOSCENTE (Thinking Man)
I had always said that I might not be a very talented person (with regards to singing, dancing,
acting, etc.), but I know one special thing that God has given me is my brain.
I am an idea person. I believe strongly in the power of the mind and I keep making conscious
effort to build up that power.
* I always aim to be objective from dealing with myself to everything else. It's typical to have a
bias especially with something you have formed an opinion about. I like to firstly identify my
opinion (bias) and then antagonize it, so that I can be objective about my analysis.
* I believe that our thoughts are a very important part of our existence and it is very important
we make the most of it. EVERYTHING MUST BE DELIBERATE. Don't waste any
opportunity to make an impact. I have deliberateness from God and the illuminati. It is written;
the children of the world are more crafty than the children of light. This does not mean that they
will be more crafty or will continue to be. It is an awareness raised about our weaknesses so that
we deliberately work to take the advantage. I tell myself to try and work hard to build my
Is there any higher level to which Poetry In Pictures #PIP can be taken???? Is there any higher level to which Poetry In Pictures #PIP can be taken???? Reviewed by Kyemang Moondi on Friday, June 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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