The Lost Cafe[The Jos Screening]

The #lostcafe is a beautiful film for anyone who's ever been in love and has left home in pursuit of a dream...
 Have u ever asked yourself what love really is?? #THELOSTCAFE is the answer to all ur questions, thoughts and doubts about love...
  The movie #THELOSTCAFE was written by KENNETH GYANG (jos boy) which has it settings in NIGERIA and EUROPE..
 Guess what?? You wouldn't wanna miss the movie premiere here in Jos @ NFI (national film institute). The movie will premiere on the 22nd DEC to 2nd JAN.
Ticket cost 1kay.
 Well the amazing part of dat yhu stand a chance of going for a trip to NORWAY, with all expenses paid..
The Lost Cafe[The Jos Screening] The Lost Cafe[The Jos Screening] Reviewed by Kyemang Moondi on Friday, December 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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