Senators Cup (A story by MBURSA DAUDA NGADA)

This is a guest post written by MBURSA DAUDA NGADA. Take sometime to read it.

Senators Cup (A story by MBURSA DAUDA NGADA)
My name is MBURSA DAUDA NGADA a law student of the LL.B set20' of the university of Jos. I had come to the University without a background in Unionism and politics and general had never fascinated me one bit. Coming into school I had been a very shy and reserved type but because of my easy going nature I made friends both within and outside my faculty fast. My first real experience in Unionism came during the 2015/2016 academic session in the LSS presidential election between Austin Ujah and Siman Luka. I was die hard supporter of Austin Ujah although we lost I gained a lot from the experience because we were able to identify problems and the drive and feeling to fix positively all things affecting law students at the time. Little did I know that my zeal to serve was my "Birth" in school Unionism. Not long after I developed the interest to serve in the parliamentary arm of Unijos SUG as a senator from the faculty of law, I emerged after winning a consensus and my first priority was uniting the factions that the consensus had created. After weeks of careful thought an idea came to my head "why not organise a football competition". I confided in my course rep and the top sportsmen of my class and we set out to work, we convinced some of our elders to sponsor us and some nonplayers also supported with their widows mite to make it a success. We distributed ourselves into four teams of six players each. The first match day came amidst a lot of fan fare a lot of known unionist from the faculty of law graced the kick off ceremony the likes of  Esmeralda Nander, Bulus Nyam, Jonathan Plangzak, Dapal Mitong, Prince G M Bedir, Hezekiah Agandu, Okedinachi Ruth, Comr. Samuel Peters was ably represented. I was drafted into team C. The we were totally out classed and we were defeated by five goals to two. When I go back to the hostel I was subject to ridicule and a host of jokes by Tobi a coursemate who found the fact that I was confident before the match and ended up being defeated hilarious. Matchday two came swiftly with me still being optimistic and preparing to brush up the dust from the previous defeat and once again we were defeated worse than the first, this time it was six goals to two with me missing a golden opportunity and as usual I returned to the hostel to more ridicule from Tobi and the rest of the compound saving "I should not even turn up for the last match because it would still end with a defeat". I felt dejected and started contemplating options in my head, all looked pretty much finished with my team being at the bottom of the table having no wins and no points. Then it came to me that the main reason I organised this tournament wasn't for competition but to foster peace and also teach members of my constituency that there is a whole world outside their books, then on the final match day I hurdled up with my team and told them "it doesn't matter whether we win or lose all that matters is that we have fun". I hid the fact that I was tense and stood strong like a Couragious leader, the match kicked off and we had barely begun when we conceded I looked at the faces of my players I saw broken men, as was I but I wasn't going to lay down without a fight and I Shouted words of encouragement to them before u know what happened I saw a spark light up in their eyes. It wasn't long till we equalised I could feel a renewed sense of hope and pride Amos Ubale who was clearly the smaller on our team with his stature resembling that of a jss3 student was able to cause trouble to their defence being as slippery as an eel, there was also Friday a dogged fighter if I ever saw one held his ground constantly repelling opposition attacks and thus starting to frustrate their efforts, Liberty Wilson a known wordsmith who knew he was a good player he dazzled the fans with skills that even ronaldinho in his prime would have been envious of, Isaac Agbo the fast talker was as fast as how he spoke before the moot court which was instrumental to our counter attacks, Haruna Joseph an aspirant for the P.R.O in the forthcoming L.S.S election was prolific on the ball, Shedrack Kums the basketballer had incredible stamina and unbelievable shot power, we were a spectacle to behold, I was converted to a goal keeper for this match, our opponents were on the attack and we were weary of their pace and so we weren't getting tight so as not to be caught on the break Femi the captain of the opposing team lofted a gem of a cross into the eighteen yard box which was met with a spectacular volley from Gozie who was arguably the best attacker in the tournament, because of my height getting to the ball was no much stress for me and looking further up the field I spotted their goalie off his line I tossed the ball halfway across the field into the path of Liberty who was already on the break, he was closed down quickly but had sent a through pass to Joseph who nudged the ball with his heel to Amos who crossed the ball to Issac who connected with a header, we were sure it was a goal because the goal keeper couldn't get to it but unfortunately it hit the cross bar and was heading out players were jousting for the rebound when all of a sudden Shedrack Kums unleashed a thunderous shot with his right foot, the whole stadium went silent everyone wondering what had just happened then the referees whistle put us out of our misery when he called a goal, we were ecstatic, the game restarted and the shock of the goal was still lingering on the face of the opponents so much so that the seemed to switch off for a second which we gladly took to dispossses them and caught them on the break this time the ball was sent to liberty who had worked his way into the opposition eighteen yard box he hardly an fraustated their defence so it was no surprise when Jude Omotola went in with a harsh tackle with conceded a penalty, I was called on to take the penalty, facing up to their goalie was a challenge he had only concerned thrice in the whole tournament he looked confident and he seemed to stare into my soul, The price of being a leader I placed the ball on the penalty spot steadied my self I had made up my mind to play it right I had started running up to the ball when I noticed the goalkeeper leaning right there was no stopping now I dropped my left shoulder making it seem I was going to play it left and surely enough he took the bait and changed his movements it was an easy misdirection to send him the wrong way and the stadium errupted with a shout, we were running riot we continued playing and we would later see them equalise two of the goals. We won with four goals to three, even though we remained last on the table but the look of joy on the face of my teammates reminded me of the reason I began school Unionism in the first place. I had since then received a lot of commendations from different individuals from both in and outside my constituency including from a promising unionist that convinced me to write this piece. From my experience thus far in Unionism and from the "Senators cup" I can give the following advice to aspiring unionists and youth in general
I) never be scared to try new things,  you would be suprised what you can achieve
II) Times might look hard and the situation u may find yourself in might make u feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders but "when there is life there is hope". When you fall fall just pick yourself up brush your shoulders and work harder
III) If what you're doing isn't making you happy then youre doing something wrong
I Have now gained more experience in my organisation skills and strengthened interpersonal relationships in my constituency because I know that a house divided cannot stand, and a car only moves because all its tires move uniformly. In all situations you find yourself advocate for peace,love,unity and progress.
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