ENT News: Milli finally releases his 'Childish EP'

Milli gave birth to his Childish EP nearly three years ago. But owning to unforseen circumstances and happenings at
Chocolate City his label at the time, the rapper was unable to release the project before his contract with the label expired. Upon his exit from
Chocolate City, Milli’s new label
Upnexxt Universe released Don’t Ask Me What Happened , a protest project as regards his exit from his former label. However, things have been largely quiet on Milli’s front ever since, until now anyway.
Milli is back in the news again, this time with a 9-track serving that sounds like newly recorded material and some of the original material that should have been on the originally planned
Childish EP . This newly released project features collaborations from former labelmates Ice Prince and M.I. , who add vocals to the second track, “Flex” . Childish is also opened by “For Mum” , a sombre first track dedicated to his mother who recently died. Particularly notable tracks on the EP would include the island-ready
“Monica” and
dance R&B-pop number, “Work”.
Childish doesn’t outdo what we heard from
Milli on Don’t Ask Me What Happened , it however also seems like the perfect way to return to the game ready with answers to why he was gone in the first place.
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