A moment with Keyz Aku

Finally got to meet Keyz Aku. He is the next big thing in the music circle in Jos and Nigeria at large, He is called Keyz Aku and is part of Inferno Music INC.
     "I am Keyz Aku Born and
     raised in Plateau state (Jos)
     though I hail from Nassarawa
     State. I love music. I grew in
     music and I do music cuz music
     is my life. I can't specifically say
     when I started but i have been
     singing for quite a while now.

Talking with Kayvics media, the Jos based vocalist Keyz Aku, gave bits of knowledge on his latest and as yet drifting work and I'm discussing, "HeartOnheartwitRAGE"
    "HeartOnheartwitRAGE is a product
     of absolute inspiration. I can't      remember
     myself ever cracking my brain to
     write those songs, they just kept
     coming to me and it made a
     whole lot of sence to me when
     I settled down to give them

 Keyz Aku did not rate "HeartOnheartwitRAGE" as his best work in light of the fact that as indicated by him and as we as a whole know, "HeartOnheartwitRAGE" is still new and drifting. its still on the success train. however, Keyz Aku views "Sorry" as his best single. Sorry is a melody he dropped when he was still called Hussein Keyz. DOWNLOAD SORRY

 When asked what he'll want the fans out there to expect, Keyz Aku made it known that there is still more to come.
     "I want the fans out there to expect
     more dope tracks. I'm soon gonna
     drop a single before this month runs
     out.. I'm heading to the top mehn.
     To the very top. I am here for serious
     business. I am here to stay mehn".

So to all the fans out there, more of this great man is yet to be unravelled so just stay positive and expect more.

 When asked why his greatest weakness is, Keyz Aku distinguished schooling to be his most noteworthy challenge he faces considering the way that he blends schooling with his music profession and furthermore the way that he schools in the North while


he is situated in Jos and some of the time he needs to live school and return to Jos for shows before backpedaling to school which is truly not soo simple to deal with but rather Keyz Aku has kept the fire consuming and he continues moving so "to the fans out there your adoration props him up". Continue adoring. Big Shout Out to you @Iam_A.K.U  ......See you at the top.

Click here to Download HeartOnheartwitRAGE

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