Unity 2017-Dr.Audu Bapigaan William for Speaker-Plateau Youth Council (P.Y.C)

Fellow youth on the Plateau the time has come for us to join hands and rise above the many shenanigans that have for so long held us back from achieving our full potential. The age of tribalism,religious bigotry,political brigandage and imposition must give way to an era of unity,selfless service and youth based leadership.
I present you Dr Bapigaan William Audu, a humble,dogged,vibrant and people-oriented youth aspiring to serve you all in the capacity of Speaker,Central Working Committee of the Plateau Youth Council.He has proven time and time again that he is one that believes that only when we are united as a single entity can we forge ahead on our mission of leaving indelible footprints on the sands of time.
As a doctor who has placed a high premium on liberation of the Youth from the clutches of unemployment, poverty and retrogression, he has been a leading voice in the Youth struggle so far;albeit empathising with the needs of all and sundry.He has been an ever present motivational figure at all protests that we have embarked upon at various Federal Institutions to demand for justice and respect for our  oppressed  brothers and sisters in such institutions ,and demand  Plateau be given what is her due.He has been a dependable ally in the struggle at the courts to ensure that we have a Youth structure in place by contributing time and talent  towards the resolution of the case between the Youths of Plateau and the PLSG which has paved the way for this election season we are in.A compassionate,easy going and approachable leader who has stood up for underage girls that have been exploited,young men unlawfully detained and tortured as well as the financially disadvantaged,he has been actively involved in carrying out free Surgeries as part of the Doctors that have been going round the Plateau offering their services to those in most need of them from provision of essential drugs to surgical interventions across all age groups,tribe,creed and sex.
In light of these and many other numerous contributions he has made into improving the lives of many on the Plateau and beyond,we have chosen him as our own dependable choice for the position of Member,CWC-Dengi Constituency and subsequently emerge as the Speaker,Central Working Committee.
Give unto Caesar what is for Caesar...
Unity 2017-Dr.Audu Bapigaan William for Speaker-Plateau Youth Council (P.Y.C) Unity 2017-Dr.Audu Bapigaan William for Speaker-Plateau Youth Council (P.Y.C) Reviewed by Victor Dabak on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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