Hypertension for fone_by_Mafdee

The music scene In Jos and indeed the whole of Nigeria is on an upgrade, at the fore front of the upgrade stands the incredibly gifted artist MafDee. 
The Monalisa crooner is here with the highly anticipated visuals of his very much successful single "Hypertension". The song was produced by the prolific Gyang David while the visauls is directed and produced by EricssonVille   The visuals was shot in fresh locations all around Nigeria. Mafdee in no small measure has written his name in gold on the music scene with this visual.

Click the bellow link to watch video on YouTube.


Hypertension for fone_by_Mafdee Hypertension for fone_by_Mafdee Reviewed by Victor Dabak on Saturday, April 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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