Bbnaija:_What's on right now?

  Bbnaija which is one of the biggest if not the biggest tv show in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa at large is ending tonight (Sunday 9th April 2017) after the 11 weeks long stay in the Bbnaija house. The House mates that got to the finals were five in number namely, Debbie rice, Bisola, Tboss, Efe and Marvis. All this housemates are really good and they all have fans but there most be a winner.

   The first person that left this evening was Marvis followed by Debbie rice. After this two evictions, we were all left in suspense as to who is leaving the house next but at least we all knew that the winner will emerge from the either Tboss, Bisola or Efe.. The question all over social Media was who's next?? well, their(our) questions were answered when unexpectedly, Tboss was evicted and we had Efe and Bisola. This two people left really have a lot of supporters out here. I am sure Efe and Bisola didn't expect this amount of love from people. I am watching the show as a type this post right now and I am so happy for the two people left at this point and they just called them up stage to meet the host and audience.

  Efe and Bisola are now out to see the crowd for them. Their joy knew no bounds.
  The winner will be communicated in a short while.

     _Stay tuned_www.kayvics.com_
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