POETRY: BY Omiyan Arnold

This is a guest post(poetry) written by Omiyan Arnold.

At first she smiled "free at last" she said her chains have been broken, she is now divorced from her masters she can now go her own way on her way,she met numerous suitors some she rejected and some she succumbed to but it will turn out to be a fatal mistake because her lovers were after her property and not herself she gave herself into their care she was naive and innocent and gave all her trust but she was abused and maltreated Finally, she got a break from them and resolved to walk a noble path but the wounds were still fresh she needed time to recover I met her on this noble path and fell in love with her but it seemed she hasn't forgotten her former lovers neither has she accepted the error of her ways I decided to do right by her being by her side all step of the way I know she will correct her ways and find her path one day but loving her still hurts.

The Poet personified Nigeria. Hope you enjoyed the poem
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