Face Of Jtown/JNMS

*Face Of Jtown/JNMS*
*Off the street to the world*
We used to have this girl in our
Never happy, always in a bad
Darlene - she lived alone with
her father
Star-crossed girl, at nine, she lost
her mother
Perpetually depressed she was
but full of prospect
Unfriendly, and for her father, she
had no respect
We used to wonder at what to do
in this regard
Darlene - disrespectful, clumsy and
passed for quasi-retard
You see, her daddy was a loser
The shameless perv, he was apt
to use her
And she turned into a self-abuser
Sticks of freedom and dope, not good
for the user
Darlene left the neighbourhood and
went AWOL
Near and far she roamed, and some
saw her at dancehall
Sex peddling was always going to be
her likely recourse
And all cried foul on her father, the bane
of her life of course
Heard news she was pregnant under
difficult circumstances
And, unlike a rich, pregnant woman
who'd take no chances
But feed well to ensure the health
of her baby
Darlene couldn't afford a two-square meal
let alone binge on dairy
At sixteen, she couldn't push and was
put through the knife
And, like Medusa's face, the knife
stopped short her life
But that of the young thing, it showed
The baby's in the orphanage, stroll down
and get it a teddy
Now this one's to all the helpless babies out there - no sooner born than motherless. Show them love.
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