900million in my account! Feeling broke??

Terry G has shown to the world that the word recession is not in his dictionary

Terry G shared on social media, a credit alert of 500million naira which also showed an account balance of over 900million naira.

According to Terry G, he is feeling broke.
Despite having such an amount as his account balance in the bank.
I am sure that when Terry G was sharing this to his social media handle, he expected that his fans will believe at once but his fans will not take any of that as they kept on saying that the picture that shows that alert is a fake one.
Just imagine, the time and the date that was on the alert is a future date and time.
It is also noted that the Terry G is not the first celebrity to share that exact credit alert on social media.
Hmmmm!!!! Terry G was it necessary?

By the way, Is his name Albert Oluwatoyin????
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