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Review of "Regards to your mumsy" by Falz

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     "Regards to your mumsy" by Falz is an amazing track which he featured Ajebuta22 and Fresh L..

  In analyzing this song, I will first of all highlight the style or literary technique that was used in the song.
Firstly, I will classify this song as a Satiric one and I will like to bring into cognizance the meaning of Satire. A Satire is a work of art that exposes the vices of the society with an aim to correct them and the use of humour is usually employed in most satiric works and satiric works range from Writing, Drama, Music and lots more.
  Falz the baht guy in "Regards to your mumsy", employed the use of satire by bringing out the common vices of the society in a very humorous manner that makes you feel so happy but while you listen and laugh, you tend to pick the message that he is passing across and you realize that Falz is not just beign a comedian by adding humour to his music instead he passes a very vital message to listeners worldwide.
  Comparing this song with other songs by Falz, we will notice that he never relents when it comes to the use of humour to expose the things that are happening that ought not to happen. No wonder he was featured in songs like "Boosit" by Cobams and also the hilarious "Bad Gang" by Ajebuter22.
  I know that most of you reading this review have heard this song because it is not a new track but for those who haven't, click the download button.
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Written by Victor Dabak

Review of "Regards to your mumsy" by Falz Review of "Regards to your mumsy" by Falz Reviewed by Victor Dabak on Monday, February 06, 2017 Rating: 5

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