POETRY: Who am I?

who am I??
....Or better still who are you??? 
I didn't ask for your name
I didn't ask for your profession
Nor your achievements;influence; class; beauty
Not even where you were born or raised up
Neither did i ask you to recite confessions
Like i am the seed of Abraham
I am the light of the world
I am God's representation on earth
I am this or even that that never ends
Because we are not yet satisfied with this general identity
Feeling like we are even more or less than what we have confessed.
And actually throwing away the individual picture
Forgetting that john the baptist
Answered these same question in one line
I am the voice of the one crying in the dessert
Who are you?
Is not a discovery of a lifetime
Nor the job to keep one busy until eternity
Although a process of self discovery is not one to be taken in a glimpse.
We are the manifestation of individual determination
But does that make up our entirety?
Is our background the limiting factor of being, or a starting point for greatness
I heard a great man say if a man is willing enough 
"He can change the stars"
Discover who you are and do greater.

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