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Photos: Unijos rag day 2017

  The Unijos rag day 2017 is the most fun thing that has happened to me in Unijos though I got extremely tired because to be mad for about 10(ten) hours no be beans oo!!.. For those that did not participate in this, I can boldly say this anywhere, "YOU MISSED". For Gods sake life is too short for someone to be too rigid. Get mad at least once in a while and we call that " LEGAL MADNESS".
  I made sure I took alot of pictures during the rag celebration period to make you guys jealous and to make those who participated happy.
  But I have to give respect to whom respect is due. Thumbs up to the Unijos S.U.G. from the President, P.R.O, and all the excos that were present and most importantly the D.O.S (Paul Dangs) for this initiative or should I say "Concept".
  Bellow are Unijos rag day images. I will put more here tomorrow.

  This are the one's that I am uploading today. If your picture no dey here abeg no vex. Just chat me up on whatsapp 08131014843 and send me your ragged up pic and I will upload it tomorrow.
   And for the real mad people who refused to get ragged up, (Una miss walahi).
    Check the bellow pic.. That's me in my dope rags.

  Rags made me fine " no be small"

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