Laugh and Smile always. 6 amazing reasons why you should

Laugh and Smile always: 6 amazing reasons

  Smiling and laugher work hand in hand and they are sometimes interchanged or used synonymously. Smiling is something you should do always because it has so much importance or benefits to you both physically and mentally.

  In this article about the importance of smiling, I have researched and compiled 6 amazing reasons for you to smile and laugh always.

      Below are Six (6) reasons for you to smile always

It makes you approachable

When you have the good habit of smiling always, you become more approachable and you seem to get favored in so many situations or circumstances. For example, you go to a drug store (pharmacy) to purchase a drug, you will naturally go to the attendant with the smiling face and just conclude that the one with the frowning or expressionless face is rude or manner-less. That is how effective a smiling face can be in building trust.

Creates or makes Abs. Popularly called (six)6 packs

Sounds like a joke right? Well, it’s not. Research has shown that laughter improves blood flow which contributes to the preservation of the normal form of muscles. Therefore, you tend to train or exercise your abdominal muscles while laughing/smiling and in turn your abs are created or developed.

It helps you to relax

When you smile and laugh, your muscles are completely relaxed and this is the kind of muscle relaxation you need for good health.

Helps a lot to relief stress

Smiling helps a lot when it comes to stress relief and in fact smiling is one of the most effective stress reliever. You should smile always and kill the little stress in you and be happy.

Smiling/laughter helps you to forget your pain or difficult circumstances

Smiling helps you to forget your troubles and heart breaks because when you smile, you feel good about yourself and even forget your trouble's so try and live a humor filled life of laughter and abundance smile through watching or listening to stuff's like comedy which will elevate your heart.

  •People who know me very well know that I always encourage a smiling attitude with the phrase, "keep smiling" even while commenting on an image. You too should do same.

It make others happy

When you smile, you are not the only one that is going to end up smiling because your smile will make others to also become happy and in fact research has shown that smiling is contagious. When you find yourself so happy and you are very happy and smiling about it, it is natural for those around you to also get happy and join in the smile and same applies to you therefore smiling can make someone happy even when they were not happy.

Live a humorous life, Smile always and infect others with laughter and constant smile.

By Victor Dabak

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