Ladies should ask guys out

  You probably clicked on this post link to see if the post content actually speaks about what the topic says.
  Well, let me clear your doubt. Yes it is.
Please read!!

                  Ladies should also ask guys out

    Firstly, I am bringing out the issue on ground concerning the above topic.
The phrase,"Ask Out" has been made a duty for a guy to do all over Nigeria,
Africa, and the world at large and if a guy doesn't go through that process called,
"Asking Out", then the word, "Dating" will not come into play and that is the issue
that I am talking about here.

   Secondly, I'll bring out the major basis on which the phrase, "Ask Out" begins.
The first step of "Asking Out" usually, is that a guy will fall in love with a girl or a
lady or in some cases he is just lusting after her and then decides to "Ask Her Out"
and when he doesn't make that decision, then the two will never find them selves dating

   When we are talking about who fell in love and asked "Asked Out", we are always
Referring to a Guy and never any Lady but my questions are:-
 => Don't ladies also fall in love first in a lot of instances??
 => Or will you tell me that you have never had a crush on someone who didn't notice you at all??(to the ladies)
 => Or that male friend you fell in love with but he did not realize it and you never let him know about it??.
Better still, let's look at it this way °A guy is madly in love with you and you like him
too but this guy will never take a step probably because he is shy or he has a low
self esteem which is usually not his fault and you like him too then why not make things easier for
him or are you avoiding what people will say? (Forget people) or are you scared of being turned down?? (What about the guys you've turned down.did they die? Of course not and same applies here).

   I have been talking about silence when you ought to speak but its not just about that. There are (follow come) consequences attached to this which some have faced while others are yet too face them.
       They are as follows:

1. Wastage of true love: Mr shy guy might have a genuine love for you and you feel the same way but since he is not taking a step, you allow him and that love will just waste like that and its quality might never come again.

2. You hurt yourself: In a situation whereby you love a guy who doesn't seem to notice you, there will be so much load on you if you don't let him know and you will be hurting yourself emotionally by trying to kill the love since you can't walk up to him.
There are many more consequences to this which I am sure you know but I should be correct
that you are wondering now (then what is the solution???)

   I won't end this article here and thanks for reading to this point because it's quite a long one.
Please bear with me on that..
      When I say SOLUTION here, I don't mean that I will start telling or saying tips on how to go about this but all I will say here are things that you must do in other to make your aim easier to achieve and also things you should avoid to the highest degree in other to get the aimed result.

   Firstly, make sure you get closer to him if you were friends and make sure you became friends (at least to know him more) and I doubt if you won't turn down a stranger who is trying to woo you therefore this aspect is very crucial if you ever plan on saying a word.

   Secondly as friends, ensure you ring a bell in him so that he starts to reason and gradually knows and understand how you feel for example if the two of you are probably gisting or just hanging out, you can just say something like, (see guy I like you) and if he ask you what you said, don't tell him there immediately unless he insists. At this point, whether he ask you to repeat what you said or not you have rang a bell in him and if he also has any iota of love for you, it will begin to come out to full moon because of the clue you gave and I am very serious about this step because it is very effective (don't joke with it).

      =>Now let me talk about the DONT'S in this]
 At this point, I want to tell you what you must avoid.
  The first thing you should avoid with all seriousness and determination is Zonings i.e (FriendZone or SisterZone) I'm sure you know this zones very well because you know exactly how to place guys

    When a guy sees you as a sister, it will be very difficult for him to reciprocate the love and you will just be wasting your time and even if you eventually open up and tell him how you feel, he will just see you as a joker and he will never take it serious and that is because you have been Sister Zoned.
or will a sister date a brother? So avoid the Friend or Sister Zone with all seriousness.

NOTE: this is not to impose a new pattern of belief to anyone or to change what you know and believe is just an opinion of Victor Dabak
which I felt I should share and I hope you      enjoyed it.

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        One love #cheers!!
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