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Beef Alert: Deuce disses Excel and Dizzo

The rapper deuce in his hot new freestyle "black and white freestyle" took what appeared to be indirect shots at the rappers dizzo and excel, in the third verse of the black and white freestyle he said "know how to rap before you dare to dream" we believe this was a direct shot at dizzo who was part of the dare to dream talent hunt, going on go say, "these rappers are claiming immortal" and "I'm not a God I'm just a man, but no rapper killing dhit better than" a direct reply to dizzo's "I am a God" crooner.
But he didn't stop there he went on to say
"You rappers be giving yourselves titles- Gods, Kings"
Now putting king excel in the picture, further saying "you a king now? I must have missed the crowning, boy who are you clowning"
And ended the freestyle by saying
"You ain't got bars you better bail
While this flow is what I inhale and exhale
And my flow large xxl"
A clever play on words to point out the rapper he was reffering to, no other than king excel, now we have it down from our sources that deuce and excel are in good terms, but the evidence in the lyrics is clear

You can download Black and White freestyle.
Beef Alert: Deuce disses Excel and Dizzo Beef Alert: Deuce disses Excel and Dizzo Reviewed by Victor Dabak on Thursday, December 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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