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Unijos Sug Speaker's Message to Jossites

Greatest Jossites!!
The SUG speaker, wishes to urge JOSSITES to imbibe the love and unity and careful during this period of politicking as we all know that we are the future and as such we should secure ourselves rather than indulging in illicit acts that will be detrimental to our future and also to our selves as Jossites.
You are all advised to avoid any form of violence.

Also, during this period of strike, The speaker urges Jossites to make resourceful use of your time, and read your books, as exams may commence immediately when ever the strike is called off, so do not be carried away as our academics is our primary aim of being here & it would be counter productive to loose this aim.
The Speaker wishes you all success and safety in all your endeavours.
Thanks for your usual cooperation.

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