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SEVEN PIECES By O.M Bolaji A Fast Emerging And Highly Talented Poet

Bolaji Oluwatosin, is a native of Ibadan in Oyo state, he holds a diploma-in-law certificate with a *Distinction Grade* from the University of Jos and he's presently a student of the prestigious Law Faculty University of Jos. He has also served in the capacity of Public Relations Officer and Clerk 1 of the Jural Court Law Faculty University of Jos.
He was awarded by the CREATIVE WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA in the year 2015 as the *poetic advocate of the year* and he was also nominated for poetic awards thrice.
He loves to write and study and he seeks daily to bring smiles to the faces of citizenry of the world by all positive means.


For all who come to church,

May you never die.

Those who tithe twice,

May you see heaven thrice.

The bible says;

The Lord searches the heart;

Come as you are.

Get clad in the tightest see through,

The Lord loves sinners,

He blesses those who walk from bar to church,

He holds close those who show their hips

yet they got no hymns on their lips.

All women who go to my house

on Saturday during choir practice,

May the Lord protect your loins

from the hands who have no vision.

May the Lord’s blessings

cum upon you

as I pass them on

to multiply the next generation.

I am a prophet;

It’s only through me

that the Lord speaks;

Allow me to bless your breasts.

All men, close your eyes…

Let’s pray.

If love was chemistry,
I'd reach for the base of your heart
& burn from the taste of your acid.
By the time I'm done, there would be enough ashes
To salt us through the test of times.
If love was physics,
We'd be opposite poles of a magnet
& our wave would rise beyond every troughs & crests.
You'd be my voltage while i current down circuits
& when we are done, we'd be the light of the world.
If love was biology,
You'd be sunlight & I, chlorophyll.
So that our land would be green.
I'd be the phylum in your stem, bringing your daily bread.
& you, the xylem quenching my thirst.
If love was computer,
I'll be the system unit housing your processor
While you monitor our ways from viruses & worms,
Trying to mouse in through our firewall.
& someday, while pressing your keyboard, we'll power your motherboard.
If love was criminal law,
I'll prove beyond reasonable doubt that you're innocent.

But love is just an image in the dark.
We do not know what is what, or who is who,
We only know it's everywhere we go.
& when next you think of running away from  it,
Remember it's a silhouette; put the screen off, it pops up in your head-
1. It's within you
2. It surrounds you.

     University of Jos.
     19th October, 2018
     07:50am or thereabout
     Village Hostel.


Before you curse the winds,
Before you throw stones at the raging storms,
Before you hew the love you had for God,
Drive yourself back to white memories;
Of days you slept and He sheltered you,
Days you wept and He cleansed your face,
Days you broke and He moulded you,
Days you strayed and He found you,
Days you wailed and He heard you,
Days you fell and He lifted you,
Days of plight that became light,
Days of pains that became gains,
Days of shames that became fames,
& days of scars that became stars.

So before you curse the winds,
Drive back to sweet memories,
& say "God is good!"

© O.M.Bolaji


The world is a ship that hosts fire and storms,
You don't walk in a day without getting burnt.
Life is a road full of pebbles and thorns.
You can never escape the wounds and sores.

A boy held his father portrait and shook his burning head,
He saw how body broke into silence, and silence broke into memory.
A street girl stoned the storms for wreckages of her joy;
She never knew that what has gone has gone.

You wake up to nurture scratches, wounds and sores.
Like a ship in storms, you're already sinking;
Hold on my friend, it is not over!
Hold on my friend, you will surely survive.

© O.M.,Bolaji.


She sits alone in the shore,
and numbers her wounds and her sores:
Love made her drown in pains,
and she nurtured heartbreaks for days.
Clouds toppled her moon at night.
and sun smote her skin while searching for light.
War raided  her smiles in the day,
and thorns fettered her tender legs.
Mother left amidst fires and storms,
and father reeked of smokes and beers,
Friends cringed  to watch her wail,
and foes waited to watch her fail.
She lived  in a cocoon of rusted dreams,
and she got lost in the ambit of shattered hopes.

She sits alone at night, waiting, wailing,
& searching for sunshine in the dark.

© O.M.,Bolaji.


I found myself in a dark room,
Empty and boring like a desert;
I was alone, till a huge hand called for me.

I was dragged through a pipe,
Too tight, too tough, too rough; by force,
Into a life of wars; of winds and storms.

I found myself in the ground with  trails of blood.
I was screaming, wailing and sobbing.
They were laughing, giggling and smiling.

At first I heard a sound of winds,
Coming from next door neighbor;
those who do not want my smooth sail.

I grew up among thorns, grudges and frowns,
& I woke up to see winds day by day on my way;
Hitting my eyes and striking  my face.

I saw winds among foes like friends,
Among fire like water, among wolves like sheep,
among thorns like flower, and among stones like gold.

Life is not an easy sail-- there are storms.
Life is not a settle place-- it is  rough.
In life,  both dawn and sunset; you'll see winds everyday.

© O.M.,Bolaji.


The street has remembered you again
And your black name on tongues of shinning stars

Mister Chameleon,

What made you popular than the milksi on the peak?
What made you a jago over dano? Three crowns?

Why were you created in the colour of evil?


I saw you

How you blew a disease into the air
To make sisters and brothers sick in the brain and blood

How they threw themselves into nakedness in the name of MR. INTEGRITY

You made them mould skins in zebra colours
Mountains into lowlands, hymens destroyed


The day you came in uniform of saints
We celebrated with sighs

With hope that there shall no more be tears
 We sang songs with solemn smiles

You stroked us harp of hope
You promised us a cup of fuel for one shekel

We drank. danced. trekked with our styles of welcome


Our country will never forget the shame in your name

How you spilled oil and blood on virgin lands
The crunches you gave unripe oranges into softness

How you covered young eyes with veil of religion and integrity in disguise

How your deputy chameleon praised the Lord and heavy falls of giants followed
Precious treasures you hooked and fed into your mother's pockets (Daura)



We cannot forget your trouble-filled reign

The street will never forget you!

Tomorrow is the chosen time
That we would fully rise for the national anthem.

©O.M.,Bolaji. —
SEVEN PIECES By O.M Bolaji A Fast Emerging And Highly Talented Poet SEVEN PIECES  By O.M Bolaji A Fast Emerging And Highly Talented Poet Reviewed by Kyemang Moondi on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Rating: 5

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